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Free Agent Predictions: Offensive Guys Retained

We have spent a lot of the offseason talking about what the Jets should do in free agency. I would spend a bit of time talking about what I think they will do. I am not Mike Tannenbaum. The team does not always think the same way I do.

Below are my predictions for offensive free agents I believe the Jets will retain based on reports about their thinking. Keep in mind that I am not really an insider, but after reading reports from reporters in the know every day, some patterns become evident. These predictions are not what I hope will happen. They are only what I believe is the thought process of the Jets based on reports.

Santonio Holmes: Despite the off field issues, it seems like Holmes has made some lifestyle changes since last year's suspension and subsequent trade. The Jets seem to feel like he has been scared straight and is more mature than he was 12 months ago. Reports indicate the team is ready to commit long term.

Robert Turner: Turner has been the top interior lineman reserve on the team and has seen time as a blocker in jumbo packages. It is unlikely he will have many suitors. He is restricted this time around so Gang Green can bring him back on a one year tender. The instant he becomes unrestricted, I expect him gone. He is represented by the infamous Neil Schwartz and Jon Feinsod. Those are Darrelle Revis' agents. The Jets do not like dealing with them. That is likely why special teamer Marques Murrell was not back in 2010. The team had to deal with them for Revis, but the front office will probably not go the extra mile to negotiate with them for depth guys.