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Tom Moore to Join New York Jets?

ESPN's AFC South blog indicates the Jets are interested in bringing in former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore to work with the team.

A source says the Jets would like Moore to go over film on occasion and offer a review.

You may remember Moore meeting with the Jets not too long ago.

There is probably a tendency for Jets fans to go through the roof with joy at this news. Keep it in perspective, though. Moore's role as a consultant if he accepts would probably not be very hands on. It would likely be more about pointing something out here or there. Please also keep in perspective that while Moore has a long and distinguished track record, do not expect Mark Sanchez to become Peyton Manning, who Moore developed. To the extent Moore worked with Manning, he did very good work, but Manning was probably destined for greatness. He would have made a lot of coaches look like geniuses. Manning played a more active role in playcalling under Moore than just about any quarterback in the league. Moore gets credit for giving Peyton that responsibility, but it also means he was more hands off in the success of the unit. He was also very successful in stops before Indianapolis so do not take that to mean I think he is anything other than an excellent coach.

This would be smart, though. Moore is a really experienced guy. He will be able to see some subtle things a lot of coaches with less experience will miss. I also think he could be a respected voice that might be a good mentor for Brian Schottenheimer and keep the coordinator in line. Schotty himself admits there are times he overthinks. Maybe Moore can help develop the raw but talented coach.

It probably is a pipe dream to imagine him returning as an offensive coordinator once Brian Schottenheimer gets a head coaching job. He is in his 70's and probably doesn't need the headache of that responsibility. He isn't even on board as a Jets consultant yet.

Hat tip to The Jets Blog for finding this link.