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An End to Lockout Could Be On the Horizon

For those of you have not been following the recent lockout news, there is reason to be happy. In the last few weeks, since the 8th Circuit Court threw out a warning to both sides, both the owners and players have come together for healthy talks. I don't see a reason why this couldn't have happened a lot earlier, but it's great news that it is happening at all.

What's different with these talks from the talks before the lockout? This time around, the two sides decided to throw out all the lawyers, and chat like two sides that want this all to end. I feel the only thing the lawyers wanted was to rack up their billable hours. They don't care how long it takes to end the lockout. Since the two sides have come back together, there have been many reports on how much longer this could all take. At first there were predictions of it all ending in late July. The date of completion, has been sneaking closer and closer as of late.

Today, there are reports that the owners and players have worked through about 95% of what needs to be taken care of. All that is left, is to get all the legal stuff out of the way. What this means for us, is that the lockout could be over in the next week or two. I can only hope these reports are the real deal, and that we will soon be enjoying real football news.