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New York Jets Hold Team Practice

Most players on the Jets are getting together this week for workouts.

Jets' players began a three-day private mini-camp Monday at an undisclosed location in New Jersey, according to a source.

Approximately 40 players showed up for Monday's workout, making it the closest thing to a full-squad practice the Jets have had since the lockout began in March. Players have worked out in small groups at different times.

Aside from rookies, who can get coached on nuances of the playbooks and technique by veterans, I am not sure how much practical impact this will have. I do like seeing this, though. It demonstrates these guys like each other and are dedicated to working as hard as they can. This kind of thing can also build chemistry.

I am skeptical of the effect of regular OTA's, which this resembles. Getting together like this is better than nothing if it serves no other purpose.