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Jamaal Westerman Offers Free Stuff to Twitter Followers

Jets linebacker Jamaal Westerman is offering some incentives for people to follow him on Twitter.

Hey tweeps I'm at 8484 followers. If I get to 10000 followers by Friday ill give away some stuff. Signed pics, game cleats, etc.
That is kind of an ambitious goal. This post went up 14 hours after that tweet, and Jamaal has only increased his follower total to 8,501, but there you have it.. If you want the chance to win some free memorabilia, click the link and give Jamaal a follow.

Depending on what happens, that actually might be a worthwhile investment. Unless the Jets go out and sign a pass rusher, I could see Westerman getting more playing time at outside linebacker. There have been times in the past where the coaches have raved about how much they love him. He might have seen more playing time last year had he not been banged up for a good portion of it.