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An Offensive Coordinator Scouts Big Name Receivers

Clark Judge of CBS Sports spoke with an offensive coordinator who broke down pros and cons of signing three big name veteran receivers, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Plaxico Burress.

In fact, you don't know if you should choose any of them. So where do you go?

I posed that question to an offensive coordinator I respect, someone who coached with and against these guys for years, and I asked if he could help by deconstructing each in a loose scouting report.

He said he could ... and he did.

Give this a read. I agree with most of what the coordinator said. I only have a few areas where I disagree.

The first is with Moss. While he clearly has been a locker room problem for his refusal to play hard in spots, there have also been seasons where he has been a great presence like 1998 and 2007. These were seasons where he was motivated by people doubting he could make a positive impact. Based on what happened a year ago, 2011 could be another prove it year. That is why he is my first choice of the three.

The second area I disagree with the coordinator is that Burress would be the easiest to dump. Any of them would be easy to dump. Ownes has had to settle for one year deals the past two seasons. With his baggage and hitting 37 years old, it is tough to imagine any team giving him a multi year deal when none has recently. Moss' 2010 season also indicates he will only get a cheap one year deal, and two teams did cut him loose easily last year.