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How Sione Pouha Is Spending His Lockout

The NY Post describes the way Sione Pouha is directly interacting with his fans during the lockout so they can see what he is up to.

So, Pouha (BO-oo-ha) grabbed a video camera, got a film crew together and started rolling on a behind-the-scenes series that fans can subscribe to for free on his own YouTube channel. The 4-minute preview for the "Life of a Lock Out" series has gotten more than 1,500 views since it was posted a week ago, and the first full-length episode airs Wednesday.

"I would call it a low-budget reality series," Pouha said with a big laugh. "It's not quite 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' It's the non-football life of a football player and what they do during the lockout."

It's always great to see guys being so open with access for their fans.

The preview video for this new must see series for any Jets fan is below.