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Don't Worry, Roger: The NHL's Got Your Back

Check out this little snippet from Albert Breer of - you know, the guy that was standing outside the negotiating table (ah, the good days) for hours on end. Apparently, the NHL is taking a stance with the NFL, and filed a brief to the 8th circuit court with the details. Most of it is legal jumbo I don't understand, so I'll let Albert explain:

Lots of questions why NHL is supporting NFL. Easy: Precedent. All leagues would like to have ability to decertify taken from their unions.

He also says its likely that the NBA will follow suit. It makes sense, but this just goes to show you how its not just the NFL's future at stake - the future of sports business rests on how this whole thing plays out. 

There may also be a little regret within the union for decertify, especially if they lose their right to decertify. Because whether you agree with it or not, the guys who pay the bills tend to make the rules, and I suspect the owners will eventually get their way. 

Either way, I am so sick of this.