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Mark Sanchez Takes on Greater Leadership Role

Mark Cannizzaro has an article out today talking about how Mark Sanchez is taking on more of a leadership role with the Jets.

"Dustin, you need to run this route shallower on this play."

"LaDainian, this is where you’ll be on blitz pick-up."

"Brad, this is where you need to be to clear out this area."

It all seemed normal except for who was conducting the meeting and where it was taking place.

This wasn’t Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer breaking down film for his players and the meeting wasn’t taking place inside the team’s state-of-the-art Florham Park N.J. facility.

This was Mark Sanchez conducting it with a number of his skill-position teammates inside the Mission Viejo High School football office


A lot of people here on GGN have been pointing this out, but it really feels like this is becoming Mark's team. The position he plays has an innate requirement for leadership to make sure everybody is pulling their weight and putting themselves in a position to succeed. It makes life much better for a team when the quarterback both takes this role on and is the hardest worker on the team.