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Greg McElroy Talks About Jets West

Seventh round pick Greg McElroy was among those who attended Jets West. He talked about the experience.

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Since seventh grade, McElroy sought the tutelage of Bob Johnson, the football coach here and renowned quarterbacks guru. McElroy attended his camps first, and in the three months leading up to the NFL Draft, trained in Southern California in order to sharpen his skills with Johnson.

Then, last Saturday, a fortuitous call from the Jets united McElroy with star Johnson pupil Mark Sanchez — and had him on his way back to Mission Viejo to take part in the "Jets West" passing camp at Sanchez’s alma mater.

"I’ve spent a lot of time out here through the years, and I’ve been able to watch Mark, and follow his career," said McElroy.

I think McElroy is the kind of guy who can really help Sanchez if he finds a way to stick. They both seem to be very hard working guys who love the film room. McElroy is going to be able to accept that Sanchez is the guy so there should be no ego clashes. Maybe they can drive each other to keep going further in preparation.