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Rex Ryan to Appear on Hannity Tonight

The Rex world media tour continues. Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be on Fox News Channel's Hannity tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern to try and promote his new book.

An excerpt provided by Fox News Channel:

On what he saw in Mark Sanchez that convinced him to bring him on the team:

"First off, it wasn’t just what I saw; it’s what Mike Tannenbaum, our General Manager saw. You know we had actually had Woody Johnson down there for this private work-out… We had our offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer there, our quarterback coach, Matt Cavina. We put him through a grueling workout—every pass known to man that he did—and you know he was so accurate. The thing that impressed me more than anything, beside his physical abilities and all that, was the fact that he had 24 receivers out there at his pro-day…I thought it spoke volumes about who Mark was."