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Jets Twit Speaks With Steve Weatherford

Erik Manassy of the excellent blog Jets Twit conducted an interview with Jets punter Steve Weatherford. The topics include.

  • Rex Ryan as a coach, and his new book.
  • Why Steve doesn’t consider himself an "Athlete".
  • Steve talks about his passions off the field.
  • What’s it like changing teams often and teammates on the kicking squad.
  • What player he credits the most on special teams for allowing him to tie an NFL Record.
  • A former kicker in the NFL is his best friend, the Godfather to both his children AND his daughter’s first name is his last name.
  • Where Steve sees his immediate future going.
  • Why he decided to go on twitter and partner with The Titan Group.
  • His football camp in July.

Erik does a great job covering the Jets with a focus on social media so I am very happy he was able to land this. Click on the link to give it a listen.