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Talking About Mark Brunell's Influence

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Manish Mehta was at Jets West, and he has ten takeaways. One I found particularly notable regarded backup quarterback Mark Brunell.

Mark Brunell has been a bigger influence on Mark Sanchez than probably any of us truly know. Brian Schottenheimer knew exactly what he was doing by recommending that the Jets sign Brunell to mentor Sanchez. Schottenheimer consulted Drew Brees, who reaped the benefits of Brunell’s mentorship during the Saints’ Super Bowl season two years ago, before bringing him aboard. I noticed subtle things this week that make me believe that it was absolutely the right choice to sign Brunell last year and bring him back again.

I know this is somewhat controversial. I have heard some argue that the coaches are the only mentors a quarterback needs. I do not have a problem with it. Adding an extra positive voice can be a good thing. As a contemporary, Brunell adds a different perspective.

My only question is why Brunell cannot do this as the third string quarterback instead of as the backup.