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Bilal Powell's Potential Role

If you are looking to go to Vegas and bet money on a 2011 Jets Draft pick to become a star, Bilal Powell might be smart money since it was the pick I was most critical of. If stardom awaits Powell in the future, it will probably not be in 2011, though.

The Jets have picked four running backs in three Drafts since Rex Ryan took over. There seems to be a trend. These guys start at the bottom of the depth chart as rookies. Joe McKnight probably did not come in prepared as a rookie. The other two, Shonn Greene and John Conner, could not get onto the field much early in their first campaigns despite having similar and even arguably more talent than entrenched incumbents. Greene only got his big chance when Leon Washington got hurt.

Even when they ran the ball more than any team in the league in 2009, the Jets liked to keep a two man rushing rotation. Powell comes into the team fourth on the depth chart. He will probably not get much time unless somebody gets hurt.

Powell's path to being active on gameday probably depends on contributing on special teams blocking and coverage units. He did not start full time until his final year at Louisville. He got experience on specials those early years. After LaDainian Tomlinson goes presumably after this year, he will probably start getting more carries.