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Play Like You Mean It: A Firsthand Review

This Tuesday, as most of you know, Rex Ryan's autobiography hit stores. I coughed up the somewhat ridiculous price of 27 bucks and just finished reading it. If you're on the fence on whether you should buy it and spend the time reading it, here are my impressions:

First of all, its not written on a particularly high level of intellect. It's not a second grade book, but it clearly is catering to a younger crowd with the way it is written. If English wasn't your thing in high school, don't be afraid of this book.

The book starts with a rundown of the 2010 season, and stops before going into detail of the Monday Night Massacre. Rex then goes into his upbringing and how he got to where is he now, including the influence his dad had on him. He then talks about dyslexia, which he didn't know he had until 2007, his family, and his personal life, minus the feet.

After this elongated self-introduction, he gets into more juicy stuff, including what its like coaching the Jets, how he made personnel decisions, and a whole chapter sucking up to Woody Johnson. I won't ruin the good stuff, but there's some eyebrow-raising stuff in there, how he describes certain players.

Overall, if you're a big Jet fan or football fan in general (and if you're reading a Jets blog in May, during a lockout, you probably are), this is worth a read. I just think Rex is such an interesting guy I always tried to find out how he goes about his business and where he came from. This isn't any kind of masterpiece, but its a quick, entertaining read for Jets fans everywhere.