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Dustin Keller on Healthy Eating

Dustin Keller has a side gig with the NY Times as a food critic. He wrote a piece for the NFL's website on healthy eating.

Eating healthy on a budget can be tricky, but once you find the right things to eat and learn a few recipes, you won’t even know the difference. In fact, you’ll probably feel better because the food is still really good and you’re not loading up on things that aren’t good for you. Remember: You’re in control of your kitchen, and if you cook smart you can still enjoy great meals at home.

I always find the hobbies players take part in off the field to be fascinating. It seems like Dustin might have an eye on doing something in nutrition once his playing days are over. If you are looking for ways to live a bit healthier, click on the link and check out Dustin's work. He has some good advice.