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Were the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills NFL Draft Losers for Not Adding a Quarterback?

I would like to turn the focus to divisional rivals for a moment. The Dolphins and the Bills appear to be unsettled at quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick was pretty good for the Bills in 2010, but nobody views him as a franchise type guy to build around. Chad Henne in Miami inspires few with confidence when it comes to the future. Some have stated those teams needed to take a developmental quarterback. Did they, though?

It is not that simple. I think both teams do need one. Can we really get on them for not grabbing one? Missing on an early round quarterback sets a team back because these guys at the very least are probably going to see the field at the most important position for at least part of one season. At the very least, it is an early pick that could have gone to a productive player at another spot on the field. How many good quarterbacks come out of most Drafts anyway? One? Two? Every year you hear that teams did a good job "addressing" the position by getting a guy who makes zero impact.

Seven went in the first three rounds this year. To say slightly less than half will be good picks might be generous. A lot of teams getting praised by pundits for addressing the position will later be roasted.

The bottom line is that unless a team is absolutely certain on a quarterback prospect, there is a case to be made for waiting a year.