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Braylon Edwards Talks About Potentially Taking Discount to Remain With New York Jets

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Braylon Edwards is generating headlines at Jets West by talking about his contract situation.

Edwards would consider taking a discount to re-sign with the organization he called a "winning franchise."

"It depends on what the discount is," Edwards said this afternoon, after joining Mark Sanchez’s "Jets West" passing camp in Southern California. "I’m not aiming for the moon."

"I put myself in a situation where I think I’m in a certain ballpark," he added. "You get close, then let’s do it."

I think it is easy to read way too much into this. Saying the Jets will be his choice if things are close is entirely different from saying he will come back no matter what. We do not even have a definition of "close." It might mean close to Andre Johnson money.

We will eventually find out how far Braylon is willing to go. I will stand by my original statement that Santonio Holmes should be the priority. He is the more complete receiver and can do pretty much everything Braylon does and more. I hope Braylon is willing to work with the team, though, because my first choice is really for both to be back.

I will say this much. Braylon showing up to Jets West without a contract does to a degree back up his talk.