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Scotty McKnight on Video

I have a video of Scotty McKnight embedded below.

He is a guy who seems to play beyond his limited size, speed, and athletic ability. He seems to have very good vision as a route runner, very smart, a knack for finding openings in the defense. He also attacks the football and has good hands.

Can he make it in the pros? I have no idea. He seems to be a guy who overachieves, getting more from his body than his natural ability. The most important attribute in the NFL is talent, though. No matter how many intangibles somebody has, there needs to be a baseline of athletic ability. I am smart and tough. I could not play receiver in the NFL.

Some guys like Danny Woodhead and Jim Leonhard are good players because of intangibles, but they have enough talent that they can overachieve and get to the level they are at.

Let's say you have to be a 5 to be a good NFL player. Leonhard might be a 4 just in terms of athletic ability, but his intangibles are a 1. Combined, that gives you a 5. Most overachievers who go in the late rounds are a 2 athletically. Even overachieving, they become a 3 and cannot find stick in the league. Only time will tell if McKnight can be an exception.