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Rex on Muhammad Wilkerson's Ability to Contribute Immediately

Rex Ryan joined Michael Kay to talk about a number of topics. One of them was how much the team can expect from Muhammad Wilkerson.

Lets talk about football. Is Muhammad Wilkerson your type of football player? Do you think he can contribute right away?

"I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s going to be able to contribute. You know we kind of got the ball run on us against Pittsburgh and I think this is a big guy that can help us. You know our top two picks, both of them should be able to help us, but you combine them with the talents we already have I think we’re going to be a pretty formidable group."

What will really tells us about the team's feelings on how much the team thinks it can get from Wilkerson will be how it deals with Shaun Ellis and other free agents. If the team lets Ellis go and does not at least sign a veteran to share snaps, it will be an indication the Jets think he is ready to be a big time player right away.

To read the entire transcript including questions on Kenrick Ellis, Bilal Powell, and his predictions, go to our affiliate, Sports Radio Interviews.