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How Mike Devito Is Spending His Lockout

Jets defensive lineman Mike Devito has spent his lockout preparing for what he hopes will be a new profession once his playing days end. Mike has preached at a Christian place of worship.

A devout Christian who is considering a post-football career as perhaps a youth minister or pastor, the 26-year-old DeVito was part-teacher and part-preacher as he spoke about the meaning of faith for about 20 minutes at RCC - a Relevant Christian Church - complete with a PowerPoint presentation. He also threw in a few jokes that drew a roomful of chuckles, and several of his points were met with an approving "Amen!" or "You're right!"


"He delivered a great message," said church member Jay Trevorrow of Flanders, N.J. "I think God has great plans for him."

So many players do not think about what they are going to do after their playing days that it frequently gets them into trouble. The bankruptcy rate among former players is astronomical. I find stories like this interesting. It lets you know about what makes these players tick as people.