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Jets West: 2011 Has Begun

Like he has done in the past, Mark Sanchez is hosting some of his teammates in California in a camp called Jets  West. He is providing updates and pictures on his Twitter page.

Among those attending are Kevin O'Connell, Mark Brunell, Jeremy Kerley, Scotty McKnight, Patrick Turner, John Conner, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Braylon Edwards. This kind of thing can help the team any year, but it is especially significant this year since there have been no OTA's with the lockout. It gives these teammates a chance to bond and work together. It is a slight leg up on the opposition.

Especially significant is Edwards' presence. He is not even sure whether he will still be on the team next year. He is still there to work with the guys. I remember after the Jets made all of those big moves a year ago, some speculated (or hoped or grasped at straws for a weakness) on the team's chemistry being an issue. It seems like chemistry is a positive since a guy who might not continue to be a Jet wants to voluntarily keep working with his mates in the event he stays.