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Tomlinson Ready to "Pass Torch" to Shonn Greene

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Even though Rich CImini isn't our favorite of beat writers at this moment, he just posted a interesting tweet claiming Tomlinson is ready to be "the best 3rd down back in the league" and let Shonn assume the role of the primary back. 

For most of us, this is great news. I think the awkwardness of benching or taking playing time away from a player as decorated as Tomlinson led to Schottenheimer misusing his backfield, especially toward the end of the season. Now that Tomlinson admits his time as a primary back is over, the team will benefit not only because Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight will get more carries, but Tomlinson will be more effective in a more limited role. 

Unless, of course, he finds that playing a third of a game bothers him halfway through the season and this becomes a problem. But for now, it is good to see that LaDainian sees the bigger picture. 

Speaking of crowded backfields, here is Joe McKnight on drafting of Bilal Powell: 

"It pissed me off and motivated me at the same time."

Maybe that extra back will be useful after all.