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Scotty McKnight's Potential Role

In the mid to late seventh round, teams are really looking for developmental players, not so much for guys to contribute right away. Even if the Jets lose two or more of the Santonio Holmes/Braylon Edwards/Brad Smith trio, it is difficult to imagine Scotty McKnight making the final roster. If he does, he probably will not get much playing time. The team took Jeremy Kerley higher and still has Jerricho Cotchery. McKnight will have to earn his way.

Ideally in the future, the team will want McKnight to turn into a slot receiver. He has a small build at 5'11" and 180. He was decent at breaking jams in college, but he might be too small to play anywhere but inside with extra space to start in the pros. McKnight is a decent route runner who showed fearlessness going over the middle and good hands. He is a decent route runner. The Jets will try and develop those skills. His chemistry with Mark Sanchez is a positive.

In the short term, McKnight's role will be minimal. He was a pick the team wants to contribute in the future.