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Meet the Head of Security With the New York Jets Who Did Kenrick Ellis' Background Check

How skeptical are you about Kenrick Ellis and the background check the Jets did on him?

Meet Steve Yarnell:

Jets vice president of security Steve Yarnell, for instance, is a former FBI special agent who worked on such high-profile cases as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the crash of TWA Flight 800.

Think of how many alleged character risks the Jets have taken on and hit on through the years. Yarnell has been their guy. This guy investigated terrorists as an elite member of our national security apparatus. If Kenrick Ellis passes his criteria, should we not be confident?

Eleven years ago, Yarnell reportedly vouched for a troubled wide receiver who faced felony charges while in college in a heated war room exchange with Bill Parcells. That was Lavernaues Coles, who was never an off field problem guy in multiple stints with the team. Cimini wrote that article. Judging by his shots at Ellis, Cimini apparently can't even remember or believe what he wrote less than a year ago about how good Yarnell is.