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Do You Want the NFL to Bring Back Late Season Saturday Games?

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Since the NFL's latest television deal came into effect in 2006, fans lost out on Saturday games. Prior to the deal, the NFL would frequently play late season games on Saturday afternoons once the college football season ended and those games no longer occupied the day. There would be an AFC game on CBS, an NFC game on FOX, and frequently in later years a night game on ESPN.

After 2006, afternoon games were shelved and NFL Network carried a limited slate of primetime Saturday games. The league started phasing out the Saturday Night games in 2008. Since then, only one has been scheduled each year.

I am always in favor of spreading more NFL games across the weekend so that fans get more action. Once again in 2011, only one Saturday game will be played (aside from Week 16 where Christmas falling on a Sunday made the league move the full slate of games to Saturday).

What do you think about this? Do you want Saturday games to come back?