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Mike Tannenbaum On 'Hard Knocks,' Team Participated To Better Themselves

GM Mike Tannenbaum was reportedly advised that the Jets' participation on Hard Knocks would make the team better.

In a radio interview with ESPN101 in St. Louis, Trader Mike explains the Jets' reasoning for being a participant in HBO's 'Hard Knocks' mini-series last season.

"I was probably the last person on board to do it and I called Ozzie Newsome, the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens, who I respect immensely, and he said just from a football standpoint he felt like they [Baltimore Ravens] got better practices because the cameras were around. Everybody was giving their ‘A Game,’ everyday and our decision was we thought we had a great story to tell. Again, we feel like we have the best practice facility in the league. We feel like we have the best stadium in the league. Why not let the eyes of the world see it? Steve Sabol and his crew at NFL Films: they do a great job and really what you saw with Rex is who he is. He’s dynamic. He’s funny. He’s self-deprecating. That’s really who he is and I think the players can relate to his authenticity."

Interesting that he says he was actually the last person on board for 'Hard Knocks.'