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Mark Sanchez Plans Team Workout

Mark Sanchez's Jets West got a lot of headlines. He is planning on taking things one step further next month.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said the entire team plans to work out together "sometime next month" if the NFL lockout drags on through June.

Sanchez, an in-studio guest on NFL Network, said he and several offensive teammates "had plenty of fun" when they got together for five days in Southern California for his "Jets West" camp earlier this month. But though it was good for the offense, Sanchez added that "now it's moving on to getting the whole team together. That will be sometime next month."

I think it says a lot about Sanchez that he is planning something this large scale and something about the team that he thinks he can get the guys together. This team has some real leadership between Sanchez organizing things like this and Bart Scott stepping up to help Muhammad Wilkerson.