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Bart Scott to Tutor Muhammad Wilkerson on the Defense

Muhammad Wilkerson continued to be active in the community yesterday, visiting seventh graders in his native Linden. This article covering the event talks about how Bart Scott will help him learn the defense.

Instead, he plans to meet up next week with Scott, who has offered to tutor Wilkerson on the Jets defense.

"He let me know I can call him and we can go over the playbook, so he can teach me some things," Wilkerson said.

Scott played a big role in helping his Jets teammates learn the defense after coming with Rex Ryan from Baltimore two years ago. Nobody in the league is better equipped or has the experience on Scott in Ryan's scheme. Wilkerson has had a chance to read the playbook, but only so much teaching can take place off the field. It is one thing to have a mental conception of how things work. Actually teaching the defense on the field will enhance his understanding on a deeper level.