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Can Vladimir Ducasse Save Brian Schottenheimer From Himself?

Building on my post from earlier, I would like to state a big concern I have about how the right tackle situation could impact the Jets in 2011. If the offensive line's run blocking is thrown off, it will force the Jets to rely more on the passing game, potentially becoming a pass first team. That is alarming because of the offensive coordinator.

Brian Schottenheimer has put too much on Mark Sanchez in the quarterback's first two years. There have been weeks where Sanchez has been asked to decide too much at the line to call a play at his coordinator's behest. He has been asked to make throws that are too difficult and to carry too much of the load.

I think the Jets found their groove down the stretch in 2010 when they made more of a focus trying to establish the run in games. They forced defenses to focus on stopping the run. That created one on ones for the talented receiving corps and easier throws for Sanchez.

With the talent the Jets will have on their roster, there are a number of different styles they could conceivably have. I think they are best limiting what they put on their young quarterback, though, as he continues to develop. That is why a lot rides on the right tackle position. Brian Schottenheimer will be tempted enough to put too much on Sanchez even if the run blocking maintains the heights it has reached in the past three years.

Vladimir Ducasse might have to save Brian Schottenheimer from himself.