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How Is Everyone Spending Their Time

I for one, am going crazy this off-season. The lack of football anything, has left a giant gap in my life. Even if it is just the off-season, there is usually something going on. The off-season is for dreaming, and hope. This is the time of year, where even the worst team, can think they have a chance to reach the highest level. The truth is, they can. The draft builds the monster, but free agency is that electric shock that breaths life into it. This is the time of year, where a team can pick up a guy like Santonio Holmes, or a Cromartie. Where would we have been this year, if we didn't pick up guys like these?

I for one, have not had a great off-season. I have juiced just about every football outlet I have, dry. I've even thoroughly looked into next year's draft. Nothing has brought more shame to my family, than my new addiction to the show Friday Night Lights. I hope all of you are filling your football void in a more honorable fashion.