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Randy Moss Still On Gang Green's Radar

Randy Moss aka "The Slouch" played on three different teams in 2010 -- catching a grand total of 28 passes for five touchdowns.

The wide receiver used to be a dominant vertical receiver in the NFL. He used to draw double coverage and still manage to out-muscle defensive backs and find a way to come up with the football. He even averaged one touchdown per game when he was in his prime roughly five years ago. Opposing defenses used to focus their gameplans around attempting to shut him down.

But he's not what he once was, lacking burst speed and also was seemingly unmotivated throughout most of last season -- which was a career low for him as far as production.

Still, he continues to be a top prospect on the Jets' free agent radar. There is legitimate interest in soon-to-be free agent Randy Moss, according to NYDN's Manish Mehta.

My take:

It seems highly unlikely that Jets will be able to sign both Holmes and Edwards to long-term deals, especially if the NFL returns to a salary cap. WR Brad Smith is also to be a free agent and will draw interest from other teams.

We've spoken about the improbable task of retaining both Edwards and Holmes dating back to last season. And with Edwards recently selling his New Jersey condo, I think it's unlikely that he will return. So there will be a hole to fill.

However, I don't think Randy Moss has much left in his tank and I'd rather not have a guy on our team who not only talked trash about Gang Green in the past but also seems unmotivated. Moss looked like he was just "going through the motions" last season. I think there are better options in the free agent market, and I would feel more comfortable bringing back the "other" [Santana] Moss who the Redskins likely won't resign, or even taking a flyer on Plaxico Burress.

If anyone can get Moss re-focused, it's Rex. But we don't need a 'project,' we need a guy who will come in and make an immediate impact to help us win games. I have a hard time believing Moss can be as consistent as the Jets need him to be and last 16 games + postseason.

This FA market is shaping up to be very interesting if the new collective bargaining agreement takes away the right from teams to protect their players. There will be better candidates available -- let's not jump at the first (old) receiver that hits the market.

There will be better fish in the sea. I vote NO on "The Slouch."