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Flight Connections 05-23-11


DT Muhammad Wilkerson will probably meet ILB Bart Scott in Miami.

WR Braylon Edwards was at Six Flags Great Adventure this weekend to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Only CB Kyle Wilson was able to attend Jets Southwest with CB Darrelle Revis.

Revis was present at the Range Rover Evoque Live Event.

Bob Raissman wants to see the Jets on "Hard Knocks" again.

Manish Mehta believes Gang Green wants to actually pursue former Patriots WR Randy Moss.

John Clayton believes Gang Green should go after Bengals WR Chad Johnson instead.

Like former Jets DE Mark Gastineau, Vikings DE Ray Edwards is an NFL player willing to try his luck at boxing.

Former Jets DT Lou Benfatti invited Rutgers RB Joe Martinek to speak to his middle school students.

Jets Twit reported on LS Tanner Purdum's message from the "Celebrity Apprentice" finale.

SB Nation New York: There is nothing wrong with believing you have a Super Bowl caliber team.

New York Times: Players call the NFL "a cartel" in their court filing.

Peter King: Yes, the NFL is a cartel.

Mike Freeman: Colts QB Peyton Manning's silence is golden for owners, not players. Assistants and agents are caught in the crossfire.

Lastly, I found this link via Buffalo Rumblings, about former Bills QB Jim Kelly and Macho Man Randy Savage.  Oh yeah, dig it!