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Gary Myers: Plaxico Burress Not Currently a Consideration for New York Jets

Gary Myers writes today stating Plaxico Burress is an unlikely target for the Jets.

He's not even on the Jets' priority list. They are going to concentrate on trying to re-sign free agents Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. And I think if they do go after a veteran free-agent wideout, they would likely pursue Randy Moss before Burress or even Terrell Owens.

Sounds good to me. I am having trouble finding the wisdom in pursuing Burress. He physical tools are in decline. He is going to be 34 years old when the season starts and will not have taken a snap in the league in almost three years even if the season does start on time. He has been out of football shape and will need to regain the muscle memory lost in everything from running routes to taking hits. There is no telling what he will even contribute. The options Myers named on top of others have less questions.

If the Jets are going to sign a guy because he was good for the Giants a few years ago, why stop with Burress? Why not sign Tiki Barber too? That would make about as much sense to me (not much at all).