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New York Jets to Get More "Game Plan Specific?"

Jenny Vrentas tells the story of a potential strategy shift depending on the length of the lockout.

If preparation time were significantly shortened, general manager Mike Tannenbaum said the Jets would use more of a "game-plan specific" offense and defense, "especially early in the season." He also said coach Rex Ryan has spoken to his staff about dialing back the playbook.

This does not sound like good news to me. My last recollection of the Jets being game plan specific was 2008. It was license for Brian Schottenheimer to overthink things and focus more on trying to fool the opponent than playing to his own strengths.

Scaling back the defensive playbook also might be necessary, but it would also not be good news. The Jets build a lot of their success on scheme, particularly their exotic looks. If they cannot add a top notch pass rusher off the edge, they will have to depend on design to generate a rush.

Let us not sound the alarm bells. This would be different if it was Rex Ryan's first year. The majority of players on the roster will be returning to the team and familiar with the system. Most changes will probably be along the edges. They just will not necessarily be good ones.