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Bart Scott and Vladimir Ducasse to Work Out With Division Rivals

Bart Scott and Vladimir Ducasse are soon going to have some interesting training buddies.

TEST founder Brian Martin said Jets linebacker Bart Scott and offensive lineman Vlad Ducasse, and Dolphins Channing Crowder, Randy Starks and Benny Sapp, plus rookie running back Daniel Thomas, are expected to participate. Bills receiver Donald Jones is also slated to attend, as well as free-agent cornerback Al Harris and former defensive end Jevon Kearse.

The "lockout camp" has its own Facebook page and a working name of "AFC East Blitz," a nod to the division rivals.

I think there is a tendency to make this bigger than it really is. A lot of guys have friends on other teams and help them train. I am sure nobody is going to be giving out any tips on their team's playbook.

I do feel a bit bad for most of the guys there. It is going to be tough to get two words in with both Scott and Crowder there.