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Flight Connections 05-21-11

Ggn_orig_medium Dynamic WR Santonio Holmes' rare ability should make him the Jets' top priority.

OL Vladimir Ducasse and ILB Bart Scott will be working out with LB Channing Crowder and other Dolphins.

West Virginia Metro News wonders whether former Jets QB Chad Pennington should continue his NFL career

Former Jets DB Victor Green will be in the Americus-Sumter Hall of Fame in Georgia.

Former Jets LB Bob Crable talks about his foundation.

The Jets Blog isn't looking forward to seeing Winnipeg get their hockey team back.

This Winnipeg Jets fan is not a jerk-off.

Hockey, baseball and basketball unions want the NFL to end the lockout.

The Atlanta Falcons may be interested in HBO's "Hard Knocks".

Jets and Dolphins training together?  It must be the end of the world, after the jump.