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Bart Scott to Have T-Shirt Line

Manish Mehta tweets the big news.

Bart Scott has a new t-shirt with image of him with his arms spread out. The script: "To All The Nonbelievers..."

Can't wait for those shirts to come out.

For those asking, LB Bart Scott's new t-shirts born out of the "Can't Wait" interview aren't for sale yet. Stay tuned.

I am hoping to see some variety here. There are plenty of lines that can turn into shirts. "They can't stop a nosebleed." "Anybody can be beat." There could even be a dictionary definition of "poetic justice" since Bart seemed to redefine that term by describing Gang Green's win over the Pats. Obviously, there needs to be a shirt that says, "Can't wait," on top of the others. The possibilities are endless.

This news also gives me an excuse to do one of my favorite things, post a video of the famous interview.