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Scotty McKnight Allegedly Threatened Teacher in High School

A lot has been made about the checked past of third round pick Kenrick Ellis. Seventh round pick and Mark Sanchez's boyhood friend Scotty McKnight made threats against a teacher according to Mark Cannizzaro.

McKnight, a former Colorado receiver and boyhood friend of Mark Sanchez, nearly got himself expelled during his senior year of high school in 2005 for penning some threatening words directed at his Tesoro (Calif.) High School English teacher in a journal that was supposed to be private, but became public.

One of the entries McKnight and Tesoro teammate Sam Smith wrote referred to gluing the teacher naked to a wall, cutting off her feet and killing her family while she watches, according to court documents.

"I am planning on coming in your room late one night while you’re still working," read one partial entry. "I will smother you in gasoline and light your head on fire ... "

My refrain has been that people do dumb things in college so I am wary of reading into too much about something a guy did in high school. I trust the Jets to do their homework on guys and figure out who has matured from an inappropriate past.