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Two Players on Other Teams Who May Have Become Expendable After 2011 NFL Draft?

Some other teams undoubtedly took players in the NFL Draft to replace guys currently on their rosters. I have two who come to mind who might be on the Jets radar.

Matthias Kiwanuka: Kiwanuka has experience lining up standing up at linebacker and with his hand on the ground inside at tackle and outside at end. He has the kind of versatility Rex Ryan would love. He used Adalius Thomas in a similar way in Baltimore to great effect. Kiwanuka will be a free agent. The Giants have Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora established on the defensive line and picked Jason Pierre-Paul, Linval Joseph, and Marvin Austin early in the past two Drafts. They might want to spend their money elsewhere. Kiwanuka might be the pass rusher the Jets need. He wouldn't even have to move his home.

David Akers: After the Eagles took Alex Henery, the reliable Akers is probably on his way out in Philly. He has a career field goal percentage of 81.9. He was the NFL's All Decade kicker in the 2000's and has been the NFC's Pro Bowl kicker five times. He had a rough Playoff game against Green Bay this year, but he had around an 85% career Playoff field goal percentage before that. He had 23 touchbacks last year, a career high.

What newly expendable guys interest you?