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Flight Connections 05-19-11


GM Mike Tannenbaum will continue to pick the brains of successful CEOs.

DL Coach Mark Carrier saw the first episode of his former high school's reality show.

The Jets Blog: A look at DL Mike DeVito at nose tackle. QB Mark Sanchez gets In-N-Out to cater Jets West Camp.

ESPN New York: FB Tony Richardson still envisions football in 2011.

WR Braylon Edwards  will be at Six Flags Great Adventure to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.

ILB David Harris will host a charity golf outing in North Caldwell, NJ.

CB Ellis Lankster is grateful for the help of his high school head coach.

Former Jets HC Joe Walton is content coaching college at Robert Morris.

Former Jets QB Joe Namath was on the "Today Show" this week.

What former Jets DE Mark Gastineau has in common with IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn: both had to perp walk in front of cameras.

AFC East Blog: Can Redskins QB John Beck make Miami look like a loser?

Associated Press: Raiders employees must sell tickets to avoid pay cuts.

Palm Beach Post1987 strike was worse than current lockout.

DeadspinMore misplaced rhetoric from Pro Football Talk.