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Flight Connections 05-17-11


In case you didn't know, the NFL has won a ruling upholding the lockout.

JetNation shares a review of HC Rex Ryan's book.

WR Braylon Edwards shares a Steven Wright quote.

Jets great DE/DT/NT Joe Klecko believes DE Muhammad Wilkerson is a pure pass-rusher.

Jets great DT Mary Lyons is a new inductee at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Infinite Jets examines CB Antonio Cromartie and other players who have worn #31.

Jets Twit has found S Eric Smith on the social network.

Jets Insider: If the pen is mightier than the sword, where does Twitter fall?

The Buccaneers have decided against appearing on HBO's "Hard Knocks" this summer.

CBS Sports: NFL players need to accept reality and admit defeat.

Lastly, all this permanent stay business reminded me of another Steven Wright quote (not exact): I named my dog Stay.  It's fun to call him.  "Come here, Stay.  Come here, Stay."  He went insane.  Now he just ignores me and keeps typing.