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Braylon Edwards' Trial Date Set

Braylon Edwards has his trial date for his September drunk driving arrest.

Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards wasn't in court Monday, but he'll need to show up July 22 for trial on drunk-driving charges.



Just before being traded to the Jets in 2009, Edwards was arrested for punching out a club promoter in Cleveland. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and got probation.

I hate to speak in such a cynical way about so serious allegations, but the specter of this trial is the kind of thing that might reduce Braylon's price on the open market. Some sort of discipline could be coming since this was not Braylon's first brush with the law. On top of this, the glut of receivers set to hit the market, including Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Santonio Holmes could make this something of a buyer's market. This is only relative, though. Teams always go nuts in free agency, and players get too much money.