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Free Agent Power Rankings 1-5

The following is a power rankings of the order in which I feel the Jets should prioritize their current free agents. This is not necessarily a ranking of a respective player's ability, only their importance to the team as currently constructed relative to likely price and available options. It is like a power rankings. This post contains 5 through 1 after the jump.

5. Shaun Ellis: He is still very productive. He wants a long term deal, though. Will the Jets be willing to meet his demands after taking two defensive linemen early in the Draft?

4. Antonio Cromartie: When he was with San Diego, I viewed him as an inconsistent feast or famine guy who was very limited considering his exceptional athletic ability. Not much happened to change my mind during his season in New York. The Jets just put him in spots he could succeed in. He's not worth huge money to me. The Jets still have Darrelle Revis and can go back to what they did in 2009, giving Revis half the field and rolling coverage the other way. At the right price, Cro could be worth bringing back for the good he brings to the table, namely shutting down vertical threats with stunning ease.

3. Braylon Edwards: He ranks behind Holmes for a few reasons. The first is he is not as complete of a receiver. There are also a lot of cheap replacements potentially available. Holmes has more disciplinary strikes against him overall, but Braylon is the only one to get in trouble off the field as a Jet in a contract year no less. He ranks ahead of everybody else because he has good chemistry with Mark Sanchez. The defense will probably be really good as long as Rex Ryan is in New York. Giving Sanchez as much help as possible should be a high priority. He is also younger than the potential substitutes.

2. Santonio Holmes: He's the most complete receiver on the roster and Mark Sanchez's favorite target.

1. David Harris: I know he has the franchise tag, but the tag might become void if all rules get thrown out assuming the players win their court case. He is an exceptionally valuable run stopper. Everybody always talks about how underrated he is, but he never seems to get the recognition he deserves.