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Free Agent Power Rankings 6-10

The following is a power rankings of the order in which I feel the Jets should prioritize their current free agents. This is not necessarily a ranking of a respective player's ability, only their importance to the team as currently constructed relative to likely price and available options. It is like a power rankings. This post contains 6 through 10 after the jump.

10. Tony Richardson: John Conner will probably take the starting job. Is it crazy to want Tony back, though? He is a locker room leader and can help on special teams. Isn't that what you want when filling out a roster?

9. Brad Smith: He is a good player who fills useful roles, but everything he does can be cheaply replaced.

8. Brodney Pool: His late season flourish as he got more comfortable with the system makes him a good option to bring back. He will not likely command a big contract. Would having both him and Jim Leonhard both be redundant, though?

7. Trevor Pryce: He would be reliable veteran depth for what figures to be a young defensive line.

6. Wayne Hunter: He provides good depth on the offensive line and would at least be insurance to get adequate right tackle play in case Vladimir Ducasse is not ready.