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Free Agent Power Rankings 11-18

The following is a power rankings of the order in which I feel the Jets should prioritize their current free agents. This is not necessarily a ranking of a respective player's ability, only their importance to the team as currently constructed relative to likely price and available options. It is like a power rankings. This post contains 18 through 11 after the jump.

18. Kellen Clemens: The team has brought in a quarterback to knock him down the depth chart three straight years. There is a good reason.

17. Nick Folk: He had his moments but is probably too inconsistent to bring back.

16. Lance Laury: He's a good special teamer. Can he become more?

15. Robert Turner: Average players should not risk taking stupid penalties like he does. He has done decent work in jumbo packages, though.

14. James Ihedigbo: Cheap, young talent for depth is a good thing.

13. Eric Smith: While a good situational player, he is too much of a tweener to be successful full time. After a big Playoffs, some team might be willing to pay him like a full time player.

12. Steve Weatherford: Good punters should not be hard to find, but they have been for the Jets. Holding onto a guy who was a machine putting it inside the 20 would be nice.

11. Drew Coleman: He's not starting material, but you could do worse for a cheap third or fourth corner. He seems to be getting better as time goes on.