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Yahoo Sports Puts Out Petition to Save Season

Yahoo Sports now has a petition trying to get one million fans to sign to save the season. I am skeptical of this working. There is too much money at stake for the sides to be swayed by a bunch of signatures. Plus, I think it is pretty clear the contempt these guys have for the fans at this point. They frankly do not care.

I do think it is cool that a major media company like Yahoo is getting involved on behalf of fans, though. I also know people will disagree with me about the potential impact so I will leave the information under the jump in case anybody is interested.

WHAT:          The Rally to Restore Football is an online petition hosted by Yahoo! Sports, the No. 1 sports site on the Internet, to give football fans an opportunity to voice their passion and help save the NFL season. Fans can sign the petition at Once the petition reaches 1 million signatures, Yahoo! will deliver a letter on behalf of the fans to the NFL and to the Players Association in an effort to try and restore the 2011 football season. The petition, available on Facebook, lets fans sign, share, and declare their right to watch football! Please join the movement and help Yahoo! Sports keep the NFL season alive!



WHY:             Not having a NFL season would leave an irreplaceable void in the sports world - this is just too important not to rally for. The NFL owners and players are making decisions that impact millions of citizens. Now, Yahoo! Sports wants to empower fans and make their voices heard. The Rally To Restore Football petition gives fans an opportunity to help save the NFL season. Remember, this isn’t just about saving touchdowns and turf. The Rally to Restore Football is also about making sure we have something to do with our families on Sunday, supporting the stadium workers, keeping sports bars open, and cheerleaders and cheering – we all depend on football.


WHEN:          May 3, 2011 until 1million fans sign The Rally to Restore Football at


WHERE:       Fans are encouraged to sign up at or