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Wilkerson Is Excited to Be a Jet

The Huffington Post shares DE Muhammad Wilkerson's thoughts on joining Gang Green.  The first round pick out of Temple spoke to the NFLPA's Khalil Garriott about being an NFL player, joining HC Rex Ryan's defense and the frustration of being drafted during a lockout:

It was just a dream come true to get drafted into the NFL. I knew I had a lot of teams interested in me, and once that 30th pick came around, I knew that the Jets were going to call...

Now that I'm here in the NFL, it's a little messed up. I got drafted, and now I'm ready to play, but I can't. I just pray that everything gets settled quickly so I can meet my new teammates and start being a pro...

I think it's going to be really exciting to play for Rex Ryan. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun. I think it's a good fit for me, and I think that everything is going to be fine. The Jets' defense is really aggressive, and I play aggressive. Everybody plays for the brother beside them, and I want to run out there and make plays, so I feel I can fit in well.

I guess Rex likes Jersey guys with the letters W-I-L and S-O-N in their last names in the first round.  I can't wait to see how Muhammad fits in with the green and white, and I hope the lockout ends soon (though I very much doubt it). Check out the HuffPost Sports article for more.