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The 2010 New York Jets and Aiden Binkley

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One of our sponsors has asked me to write a post about a classy team in franchise history. I am going to go with one that takes a lot of slack from many in that department, the 2010 incarnation of the New York Jets.

Aiden Binkley was an 11 year old boy. He should have been doing things normal kids do his age like worry about the latest video game to come out and playing ball with his friends. He had a rare form of cancer, though, that started in his pelvis and spread from there.

He came to Florham Park to visit the Jets on December 15, 2010 and met several players and owner Woody Johnson. He made a dear friend that day, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez and the boy soon started speaking frequently. Mark even went over to his house and chatted with Aiden for a long time.

Aiden lost his battle with cancer December 30, just over two weeks after meeting the Jets. He served as an inspiration to Sanchez and the team through the Playoffs through the run to the AFC Championship Game, where Aiden's father was there to support the team. Over 100 Jets fans on Twitter changed their profile picture during the Playoffs to a sign that said, "Win it for Aiden."

I could not tell you why a young boy should be subjected to what Aiden had to go through. That is above my paygrade. I do know this. The 2010 New York Jets might have irritated people with their talk through the media, but providing comfort to a child dying with cancer is more than a tad more significant in my book when it comes to class.