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Who Was the Best Signing of 2008?

In case you forgot, the Jets were a bad football team in 2007. Not only were the Jets bad, but the Pats went 18-1, and lost to the Giants, of all teams, in SB 42.

Tanny wasn't going to stand for that, and went on a spending spree that would prove to be teh catalyst to turn the Jets into the force they are now. I won't include Favre on this list, simply because I can't stand him.

Alan Faneca: A free agent from Pittsburgh, Faneca's biggest impact was how he was positioned in between the two up and coming offensive lineman, Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. If you don't recall, 'Brick had a disappointing first two seasons, before Faneca came in to help mold him. He also had a profound impact on Mangold as well, and they formed a quality friendship.

Damien Woody: The Jets took a gamble on moving Woody from his center position in Detriot to tackle, and it paid off. Not many teams have great right tackles, and Woody was just that. His biggest contribution comes in the run game, and had da monstrous 2009 season.

Calvin Pace:While Pace isn't exactly DeMarcus Ware coming off the edge, he is a quality defender with few weaknesses. While me probably didn't play up to his contract, the Jets would have a glaring hole at OLB had they not signed Pace.

Tony Richardson: Unquestionably the highest-character guy in the locker room for three seasons - remember, he was tutoring John Conner in the off-season, the guy who could have cost him his job last year, and just took his job this year. He was vital to Sanchez's development, and was a great blocker during his time here as well.

Kris Jenkins: Probably the most talented of the free agent signings, but injuries kept him from being truly dominant during his time in New York. Had he stayed healthy, the Jets may be champs in 2010.

My vote would go to Damien Woody - He filled such a vital position and was huge in the epic running attack of 2009. My runner-up would be Richardson because of his intangibles.

How would you vote?